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Quality Statement

Overall Quality
Quality improvement is an ongoing function used to monitor, evaluate and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, quality, access and cost of services for Progressive Residential Services, Inc. (PRS).  Continuous quality improvement activities hold the responsibility for monitoring all aspects of (programming) to ensure the Agency is meeting consumer needs and maintaining high standards.

This review process includes Continuous Quality Improvement Plans, Outcomes Measurement reports, Agency Safety Reports, Assessment of Annual Barriers, and Incident Report Data and Analysis.  Outcomes reports are based on CARF and funding source standards and are used to develop the Agency’s strategic plan, to improve existing services and to make program/service changes to meet needs of consumers and other stakeholders.  They are submitted and reviewed annually.

Corporate Compliance Director
P.R.S.  completes data collection and submits reports to the Board of Directors, staff, funding sources, consumers and other stakeholders. The reports are also available to consumers and the general public.

Satisfaction Surveys
Satisfaction surveys are distributed to employees, consumers, family members, and professionals annually.  The surveys measure satisfaction, quality of services, access, health and safety, and consumer confidentiality.

Quality Reviews
Internal Quality Assurance audits are completed annually.   

Risk Management
The Agency maintains a Risk Management process that provides continuity and a centralized mechanism for reporting and tracking significant events.  This process organizes agency resources to meet potential and cited problem areas.

Physical Site Inspections
All service sites use an outside agency to conduct a minimum of one external safety inspection annually.

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